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Science, Future Technologies and a Modern Art Park



The Park is the union of Science, Modern Art, Entertainment and Leisure

The Park is oriented toward the future of natural sciences, advanced technologies and unexpected discoveries. Elegant, striking and creative, the Park is part of Slovenia’s scientific and technological environment - a crystallization point for new ideas and the promotion of numerous developments from gifted engineers. Essentially, the Park serves as the center of gravity for this socially important project. The Park is a show room for breakthrough achievements in science and technologies that are soon coming to our life. The Park is a ‘must see’ place in Slovenia, architecturally dominating the area while being in harmony with the existing landscape and buildings. Once you have visited, you dream of returning to the Park again and again. The Park is an ideal location for conferences of all levels. It is designed to be a comfortable place to spend a couple of hours, a day or even longer in an interesting, entertaining, educational, useful, and relaxing atmosphere. Every unit of the Park’s exposition contains original items created today for tomorrow. The Park is a reasonable business project with positive key financial indicators. A network of three to five Parks in the EU, with rotating expositions, is the future direction of the project.


Location and Architectural Design

Slovenia is definitely the right place for this project. Somehow, Slovenia has an unusually high concentration of technically gifted people, and there is nothing similar nearby.

The land plot is located at the exit from E61/A2 road to Bled and Bohinj in Gorenjska region. This historic place is popular, recognizable, and easily accessible.

Bled castle, Julian Alps, Karavanke mountains, Sava river valley–these picturesque surroundings are seen from SCI Park’s windows and galleries. The Park itself is a head-turner, perfectly fitting in with its neighbors.

The Park is a combination of geometric shapes—a pyramid, parallelepiped and spherical, in a modern style of architecture and functionality and made from steel, glass and wood technology.

The Park appears, simultaneously, as a part of the future visiting us and an enormous sentient body rapidly moving into tomorrow.

The Park is a self-sustaining unit with a wide range of green technologies in use.

The exhibition core is designed, developed and produced by the project team with an incredibly unique outdoor exposition.

The Park is brightly visible at any time of day from all angles including the motorway and regional roads.


Financing and Management

The Park is a private project. State financing is welcome as a secondary source of support.

The governing body of The Park is the Council.

Management has one chair in the Council supported by a minority stake.


Slovenia’s population numbers 2 million with around 200,000 school pupils.

Bled and its surroundings has over 1,650,000 overnight stays, and Slovenia had over 10,000,000 overnight stays in total in 2015.

The A2 road has over 20,000 cars daily for traffic in-season.

The team

  • Anton Popov (Rus) is the team leader and the owner of the company. Anton is an authentic expert in large scale projects with proper management skills and extensive proven experience.
  • Stanislav Košnik (Slo), with a 30-year career in banking, provides valuable input in making things working together.
  • Vladimir Basov (Rus) is responsible for design and creativity and leads the industrial design line.
  • Artjom Bajdak (Slo) is the liaison manager, advisor.
  • Urska Faller (Slo) is our SEO
  • Igor Efimov (Rus) is our engineering guru taking care of technical issues including machine production and maintenance.
  • Kristiana Špec (Slo) and Anže Peternel (Slo) – run the Antimuseum in Slovenia.
  • Daniel Popov (Rus) researcher, software developer.

SCI-tvn, d.o.o. has been registered in Slovenia in 2014 in Bled with 377,500 EUR charter capital.

Extensive marketing research, PL and CF provisions, list of exhibits, layouts, CAPEX estimation, architect design and construction schedule, land secure documents, location information, business model detailed description, personell forecast, corporate structure, side projects, networking, etc. could be obtained by contacting