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About Us

Sparkling synergy of motivated, willing and involved people creates firm perspective of of SCI Park to be done shortly!
SCI Park is a private project connecting popular science, entertainment, business, art, leisure and knowledge.


The team

  • Anton Popov (Rus) is the team leader and the owner of the company. Anton is an authentic expert in large scale projects with proper management skills and extensive proven experience.
  • Stanislav Košnik (Slo), with a 30-year career in banking, provides valuable input in making things working together.
  • Vladimir Basov (Rus) is responsible for design and creativity and leads the industrial design line.
  • Artjom Bajdak (Slo) is the liaison manager, advisor.
  • Urska Faller (Slo) is our PR
  • Igor Efimov (Rus) is our engineering guru taking care of technical issues including machine production and maintenance.
  • Kristiana Špec (Slo) and Anže Peternel (Slo) – run the Antimuseum in Slovenia.
  • Daniel Popov (Rus) researcher, software developer.