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SCI Park Private Project Launching in Slovenia

Launch of the private project - an open door for business competence in Slovenia with international vision. 18th of May 2017


On 18th of March 2017 private project of SCI Park in Slovenia, Gorenjska region has been started after extensive and careful cutting edge business model development and deep market research and analysis. 10 mln EUR investment; 4500 sq meters building; New and focused to the future.

SCI Park 

Science, Future Technologies and a Modern Art Park

In spite the fact that the idea about SCI Park had started more than 6 years ago practical implementation started recently. And it looks that the border conditions now are matching rapid development of the project function! Really motivated and talented team collected to make the things true. Some background of the article is available here
The event took place at Antimuseum TNP hall in Bled. I have to admit that the first anniversary of Antimuseum operations in Slovenia have been celebrated the same date. Antimuseum opened its doors in 2016, May, 12. So one year of delivering fun and knowledge have already passed.

Kristina Špec Kristina Špec - responsible for Antimuseum - made introduction of sound section of SCI Park exposition. Kristina is really full of perfect ideas for SCI Park functional equipment inspired by successful running the Antimuseum activities along the passed year. Resonance water waves, Theremin vox, stroboscopes and other machines were presented in a way that it seems that you’ve really visited the SCI park.

Artjom Bajdak Artjom Bajdak - liaison manager - presented the results of our marketing research. Four month ago we were a bit afraid of getting necessary amount of visitors, now were are fearing about queues! In current layout designs SCI Park maximum annual capacity is 800 000 people, our estimation is 280 000 people per year for starting years. I would like to mention that Slovenian Ministry of economics and technology admitted our marketing analyses as really useful document.

Anton Popov Me, Anton Popov - project leader and owner of the company - gave idea in brief and clear understanding of the business model, elegant core and side activities and major figures. Wide scale of automation, display for future technologies, conference facilities, art space and some other key functional features were delivered in really understandable way. Of course core business is based on delivering one fun and knowledge to our esteem audience.
I also noticed that my personal investments in Slovenian tourist industry are already around 1 mln EUR and I’m committed for another million for SCI Park project. At the moment we are seeking for co-investor and leading negotiations with some of our potential investors. But no everybody who have an extra 10 mln could become an investor of SCI Park! We are open for Slovenian and abroad investors with international view, interested in science and technologies, keen on doing new and fascinating things, those whose primary goal is not money, funds will come, no doubt, but the idea is the first!

Team Our starting is already supported by Radovljica Major Mr Globočnik, Bled Major Mr Fajfar, Ministry of economics and technology by Mr Počivalšek, Ingeneer Academy of Slovenia, Bled IEDC business school by Danica Purg, Regional development agency Ragor by Mr Sčavničar and many others. The President of Slovenia Mr Borut Pahor gave us phone call regretting that he can not come but supporting and inviting to his office next week. I was really glad to see interested and busy people attended our event. I assume that the most interesting thing for the audience was how that crazy idea turns reality on their eyes!

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