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Antimuseum’s 1st Annual Glimpse


Antimuseum is an interactive natural science oriented museum that came into existence in 2014 in St. Petersburg in Russia. In May 2017 Anton Popov, owner of the company called SCI-tvn d.o.o., and his team opened another Antimuseum in Slovenia. It is located in Bled, in one of Slovenia’s most popular touristic destinations and is an enrichment to Bled’s diverse tourist attractions and services.

Antimuseum is about the present, that was created in the past and is built for the future. The purpose of its existence is to raise awareness that science is a part of our everyday life and that the way we react to certain ideas and situations influences its outcome, to activate young brains (future engineers!) and give them an opportunity to discover the world and develop new skills and interests in a fun and interactive way.

Antimuseum in Bled presents an exhibition called “Magic of Physics”. It is full of experiments which look as they were taken from a future space shuttle and were put into a room surrounded by holograms and electrified machinery with a unique design (most of them are translucent which helps us to understand how things we use are made of). The target population are people interested in understanding how the world we live in works, especially young children at the age 10-12 as they eagerly analyse their environment and search for cause and effect relations and seek for new inspirations.

Antimuseum offers an interactive guided tour, which visitors can easily follow. The curators do their best to answer all questions in a manner that the visitors can easily understand the scientific background behind it. Magic of Physics is permanent exhibition and can be seen throughout the whole year. We offer tours in Slovenian, English, German, Russian and Dutch.

It is a nice activity for the whole family, schools, adults and elder science enthusiasts who like to spend some time with on places where they can widen their horizon.

During the first year of operation, many thoughts were given on promotion. In a country, where most day trip ideas are a result of past experiences and clichés what to do in some places, it’s not an easy task to do. Beside the usual social media advertising, we established to raise interest of the local and national media. You could see us several times on TV, in newspapers and big public events! We’ve been invited to join Otroški bazar in September 2016, to Slovenski forum inovacij 2016 (which we unfortunately could not attend), Informativa 2017 and Čarobni dan 2017 in Tivoli Park in Ljubljana. We are also looking forward to Otroški Bazar 2017 that will take place in September this year.

Our future goals is an experiment exchange with other science museums, improve our own experiments, to get into the Slovenian curriculum and play an important role in making science more understandable for everyone.

Written by Kristina Špec, Curator and Head Coordinator