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Antimuseum at Čarobni Dan 2017

Park Tivoli - Ljubljana

Antimuseum was invited to join a festival called Čarobni dan. This is an outdoor festival where children play and discover new activities all day long. It took place on the 11th of June 2017 in Park Tivoli in Ljubljana.


Our journey started a day earlier. Experiments and games of Antimuseum’s permanent exhibition Magic of Physics that are mobile have been put into boxes for the next day. We took our Smoke Vortex Generator to Ljubljana, Lenz’ Levitating Rings, a wooden monochord, a microscope for observing pixel density on digital screens, binoculars, some advanced puzzles, games and not to forget our Stereograms.


It was a long sunny day and we got a spot in the area called Dežela Čebelice Maje. It was located next to a water fountain and by a stony path. With time more and more visitors arrived. Park Tivoli is quite big and it can easily accept 22 000 visitors which came to this festival a year before.

We were busy all of the time. Our tour guide Anže was in charge of Lenz’ levitating Rings, the Hanoi Towers and our monochord. The children and me became real experts on generating smoke vortices, which was by far the most interesting thing in that area. Those little smoky rings were flying everywhere.


As the day went by Antimuseum had risen interest in many curious minds. We learned how aerodynamics works, talked about sound waves, magnetism and optics. We even got an apprentice!


This festival was a great success! Lots of smiling faces having fun, riding horses, doing acrobatics, painting, helping firemen, dancing, climbing and eating delicious meals.

Antimuseum is ready for the next adventure!

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Written by Kristina Špec, Curator and Head Coordinator